Men’s Necklaces

Okay, maybe mens necklaces weren’t at the top of your list when you first started searching for mens jewelry, but perhaps you started noticing how many more attractive designs there are on the market.  Maybe you saw someone you know wearing an attractive mens necklace and you felt funny asking him about it.  But most men start their search for mens necklaces after learning that women find necklaces very sexy.  Whatever the reason is for your sudden interest in mens necklaces, you will certainly be surprised at the number of new designs and metals being shown today at the top men’s jewelry stores.

What is different about the latest mens necklaces?

The answer is “almost everything.”  Most men rarely take the time to find out what’s new in the world of men’s jewelry, so when they finally do look at the latest style they are pleasantly surprised.  But the truth is mens necklaces are nothing new; they’ve been growing in popularity for quite awhile.

Below is an example of some of today’s hottest styles in mens necklaces –

  • Curb style link necklaces are a popular look in stainless steel chain necklaces.  Instead of a normal chain link, these flat interlocking links have a seamless look that gives them a modern “edge.”  Men like to wear these necklaces alone or in combination with a pendant.
  • Marina link necklaces are a unique new look in mens jewelry. These distinctive nautical-inspired links are often designed with alternating satin and polished links for a dimensional look.
  • Oversized links add boldness and character to mens necklaces too, and they look great in polished stainless steel.  Men who want a rugged looking piece of jewelry often choose one of these masculine necklaces, which are available in either silver or black metals.
  • Celtic-inspired links are created with the popular Celtic knot pattern that is often seen in braided Irish wool sweaters.  Handsome and confident, these mens necklaces are always a great choice.

Once you start shopping for mens necklaces, you may notice they are available in various lengths and link sizes.  If you plan to wear a necklace with a pendant  it makes sense to choose a narrower chain that won’t compete with the pendant,  but if you plan to wear the necklace alone look for one with slightly larger and more complex links.


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