Men’s Pendants

Mens pendants are the latest style to hit the world of men’s jewelry.  Depending on your personal style, mens pendants can be subtle, flashy or ultra-luxurious.  They can resemble a dog tag, a cross, a tribal insignia, and almost anything in between, but most importantly they make a personal statement.  Even men who have never worn jewelry can find a way to make mens pendants work with their wardrobe.

All it takes is a quick look at the latest styles, including pendants made of titanium, tungsten and stainless steel, and it’s easy for men to get inspired about wearing a necklace or pendant.  What’s really nice about this type of jewelry is its natural versatility.  Since most men are less interested in pairing jewelry with clothing, they want a pendant that can be worn with anything.  For example, most men’s stainless steel pendants look just as great with jeans as they would with an expensive business suit.   Other sportier mens pendants are made from wood, leather and shells, and look great on men who have a laid-back sense of style.

What are the latest trends in mens pendants?

Thanks to the latest creations from some top jewelry designers, there are now more versions of mens pendants available than ever.  As a result, even men who never considered wearing jewelry are finding pendants more attractive.   One reason for this is the addition of dressier pendants and modern creations that blend space age metals with carbon fiber or super shiny tungsten crosses on a satin finished background.  Exciting looks like these have made men’s jewelry more accessible to the average guy.  Instead of choosing between a few stainless steel dog tags or leather strapped pendants, the latest mens pendants were created with a more professional man in mind.

What to look for in mens pendants

Men who wear necklaces and pendants say they have a hard time choosing just one.  Most men own one that is more “serious” and dressy and another one that they wear on weekends.  With so many new styles available, men are gravitating toward stainless steel and titanium pendants with a textural twist.  White carbon fiber or black enamel inlays are two of the most popular new styles, and tribal mens pendants are now available in dozens of new designs.  Whichever one you choose, make sure it reflects your individuality.  Unlike other types of jewelry, mens pendants are highly visible so they can be worn proudly for everyone to see.


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