Men’s Rings

Up until a few decades ago, mens rings were most commonly worn as wedding rings and few men chose to wear them for any other reason.  The only exception they made was for their high school ring, college ring or military ring, but it was uncommon to see men wearing a ring just “because.”  Before the rise of mens rings on the jewelry scene, men would only wear a ring that spoke to their marital status, their alma mater or their military background.  Wedding bands, school rings and military rings say a lot about a man before he ever opens his mouth, but very little about his interests and lifestyle.   Today’s mens rings tell the world about a man as an individual by allowing him to make a statement that sets him apart.

What kinds of mens rings are most popular today?

The answer to this question will vary, depending on which man you ask, but there are some recent changes that have dramatically influenced the latest styles in mens rings.  One of these is an increased variety of affordable industrial metals.  Gone are the days when men were limited to gold, silver and platinum.  Today’s ring buyers have more choices than ever – including tungsten, titanium, cobalt, ceramic, stainless steel and palladium.  Each of these metals has its own distinctive characteristics, which can make it difficult for men to decide on just one.

mens rings | tungsten ringsWhether men choose a polished tungsten wedding band or a stainless steel tribal ring, the rise of industrial metals has made buying mens rings much more affordable.  For example, some of the hottest styles in stainless steel can be found for less than $25.  Jewelry makers have been predicting the growth of mens rings for decades, and it looks like they are prepared to seize this opportunity.  Ever since men began to embrace the idea of fashion rings, there have been jewelry designers working feverishly to come up with new styles.

Which mens rings are best for wedding bands?

Even wedding bands are a lot more exciting these days.  Instead of choosing between a domed or flat profile band in a polished or brushed finish, men now have the option for so much more.  In addition to all of the traditional metals and styles, guys can buy a wedding band in black tungsten, black stainless steel or black titanium.  Two tone wedding bands are also a growing trend, as are carbon fiber and cable inset wedding rings.

It’s nice to see so many designers in hot competition for market share among male buyers.  As they grow in popularity, it seems like every day a new design or a new metal is introduced in the world of mens rings.  Mens ring collections now include more than just wedding bands – they have expanded to include Celtic rings, cross rings, tribal rings, dragon rings, puzzle rings, racing rings, biker rings and more.


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