New Jewelry Styles – Tribal Rings and Pendants

tribal jewelryIf you haven’t shopped for men’s jewelry lately, you might have missed some of the newest styles in tribal jewelry. One might argue that men’s tribal jewelry is nothing new, but it in the past it would only have been worn by bikers and the occasional urban dweller. Today’s tribal jewelry is much more accessible to the mainstream shopper, particularly men with a passion for contemporary art. As primitive as some tribal designs may be, their fluid lines and symbolic calligraphy make them appear very modern.

What kind of tribal jewelry are men wearing?

The trend in men’s tribal jewelry started out with men’s rings that utilize a mix of designs from various cultures. Asian-inspired calligraphy strokes characterize some of the more popular silver rings, which can often be mistaken for Native American patterns. Other tribal rings use symbolic interpretations of waves, flames, serpents and leaves, many of which are reminiscent of ancient cave drawings. Others take a modern approach to tribal design by using interlocking patterns, but they all have an edgy and masculine look that men love.

It wasn’t until recently that the same artistic approach was used to create men’s pendants and bracelets. Many of today’s best-selling dog tag pendants are made with tribal designs such as flames and animal prints, but men’s tribal pendants don’t stop there. They also include sculptural stainless steel creations that seem to represent a calligraphic symbol. Rather than wearing them on a metal chain, the tribal look is perfected with a black leather cord.

Who is wearing men’s tribal jewelry?

Men from all walks of life are celebrating the “tribal look,” which is evident in the latest collections of men’s tribal jewelry. Tribal rings and pendants represent a fusion of symbolism and urban culture that give men a sense of belonging; not to a “tribe” per se, but to a more spiritual interpretation of masculinity. The rising popularity of tribal jewelry indicates a move back to our roots and a greater appreciation for the oneness of native cultures. Using ethnically-inspired symbols, geometric patterns, and organic textural elements in men’s jewelry are trends that recall the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, while maintaining a purely urban “edge”.

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