Sizing Jewelry For Men

When selecting an item of men’s jewelry, especially in instances of buying online, it’s important to remember that one size sometimes doesn’t fit all. Here are some quick tips on jewelry sizes and sizing jewelry for men.

Find your size.

Rings are perhaps the trickiest item when it comes to sizing jewelry for men. Men’s rings run from size 3 to size 20 and include half sizes, and natural variances from ring to ring may even make certain sizes feel smaller or larger. While it’s ideal to get your ring size determined professionally, you can also find your ring size at home. There are a number of printable ring measurers online, or you can loop a string around your finger, mark your measurement, and find the circumference of your finger using a ruler. Depending on how snugly you prefer your ring to fit and if your measurement falls between sizes, you may want to size slightly up or down.


Common jewelry sizes for men’s necklaces include 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”, and you may wear multiple sizes based on the style of necklace and your own wear preferences. Your neck size should be the same as your shirt collar size, and can also be acquired by wrapping a soft measuring tape or a string around the base of your neck. If using a string, mark where the ends meet and then find that measurement with a ruler or measuring tape.

While men’s bracelets generally tend to have a little more flexibility with regards to sizing and can fit a more general range of individuals, it’s good to know your approximate wrist measurement, especially if you think you are small or big-boned. To get your bracelet sizing, simply circle a measuring tape snugly around your wrist. If the bracelet does not have a clasp and requires sliding over your hand, make sure to measure around the largest part of your hand as well.


Not all metals and materials can be resized.

When buying men’s jewelry, it’s important to remember that some materials are extremely difficult or unable to be resized. This is a particularly important point when it comes to men’s rings, as ring sizing can alter with age, physical condition or lifestyle changes. In general, most traditional precious materials can be resized – most notably, gold and platinum. Palladium can be resized, but it can be expensive and it may be difficult to find a jeweler with the correct palladium solder. Some contemporary men’s jewelry materials cannot be resized due to their strength and composition, including titanium, tungsten and ceramic.
Once you have your jewelry sizes, write them down and keep them where you can refer back to them as need be. If you have any major changes in shape or size, make sure to re-measure yourself before buying any new sized pieces of men’s jewelry.

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