What is the Future of Men’s Jewelry?

Men’s jewelry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 100 years, especially within the past 10 years. There is no doubt that men’s jewelry will continue to expand with new styles, materials and designs. Here is where we see the future of men’s jewelry headed.

New materials. Contemporary materials have exploded on the men’s jewelry market. While men’s jewelry used to be primarily found in gold, silver and platinum, the material possibilities available nowadays are virtually endless.
Two of the leading contemporary materials are titanium and tungsten carbide, both of which offer a certain durability as well as a natural gunmetal grey hue that departs from traditional silver tones. Ceramic men’s jewelry is frequently seen in black or white, and is extremely lightweight yet hardy. Perhaps lesser known than the others, cobalt chrome is rising particularly quickly in popularity thanks to its classic precious metal appearance, strength and affordability.
It goes without saying that new materials will continue to be developed and put on the market, especially when they can offer positive attributes of both precious and contemporary materials.

More diamonds. Diamonds used to be almost exclusively reserved for women’s engagement rings and jewelry, but the increasing presence of diamonds in men’s jewelry has been one of the most steadily rising trends over the past 20 years. Gone is the idea that diamonds are considered to be in any way “feminine;” men are adding diamonds to their wedding rings, pendants and bracelets with increasing frequency.
In addition to classic white diamonds, black diamonds and cognac (brown) diamonds have been incredibly popular in men’s jewelry.  Men have actually proven to be a little more adventurous when it comes to diamond colors, and will undoubtedly continue to seek out new and interesting hues for their jewelry.

New styles. While men used to stick with basic accessory items like wedding bands, watches and cuff links, they are steadily exploring other types of accessories. Jewelry items like men’s pendants, bracelets and necklaces have become increasingly popular, even with guys who might never have considered wearing those types of men’s jewelry items before. Expect to see a great selection of styles for those types of men’s jewelry, as well as a revival of other lesser worn men’s jewelry items.

A greater range of price points. The addition of more economical contemporary materials as well as the prevalence of online shopping has certainly led to some of the best pricing heretofore seen in men’s jewelry. However, even in bad economic times shoppers have become more adventurous and discriminating, sometimes searching out what is extremely rare and expensive. What used to be a more fixed price range for a set number of traditional materials in men’s jewelry has expanded to now suit virtually every budget on the planet. It goes without saying that men’s jewelry will continue to push into both more affordable and more luxurious options with the passing of time.

What would you like to see in the future with men’s jewelry?

Do’s and Don’ts for the Newest Styles of Jewelry for Men

While it’s admirable to try and incorporate some of the newest trends of men’s jewelry into your wardrobe, you want to make sure that you’re not slapdash in your approach. It’s easy to throw something on that fits the technical description of a current trend, but infinitely harder to find a fashionable item with classic appeal and work it stylishly into your outfit. Here are some quick tips on how to wear (and not to wear) the latest and hottest styles of jewelry for men.

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Men’s Pendants: Which One is Right for You?

Men’s pendants are one of the hottest trends in accessories right now, but some men are unsure if these necklaces will suit their own personal taste. Rest assured: there is the perfect pendant out there for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little help knowing what to look for. Here are some ideas for stylish men’s pendants for every type of style.

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Trend Watch: Five Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Items

Men’s jewelry has jumped straight from the runways to Main Street America, and guys everywhere are looking to include an accessory or two in their daily outfits. The beauty of buying men’s jewelry is that you can easily update your look without having to do a complete wardrobe overhaul – you’ll probably be surprised at how much a well-placed accessory can enliven a well-worn outfit. To get you started, here are our top five men’s jewelry trends to try.

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A Quick Guide on the Hottest Trend in Accessories: Men’s Pendants

Men’s pendants are incredibly popular and in style right now, but some men are still left scratching their heads over what exactly a pendant is. So what is a pendant and how is it different than a men’s necklace?

You actually probably already know what a pendant is without even realizing it. A pendant is part of a men’s necklace, and is an ornament or piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain. Generally, when you’re talking about men’s pendants, you’re talking about the actual pendant and the chain that it hangs from. Pendants can be fixed to be stationary on a chain, but most men’s pendants are attached by some sort of loop that allows them to move freely.

Now that you know what you are looking at, here are some other things to keep in mind when you buy men’s pendants.

Pendant materials. Men’s pendants come in a variety of materials, but the most predominant ones on the market are stainless steel, tungsten and sterling silver. Stainless steel pendants are usually made of 316L surgical steel and are predictably tough, though not so much that they can’t be wrought into a number of traditional and contemporary designs. Tungsten pendants for men are made of tungsten carbide, an incredibly hard material that is virtually scratch-proof. While sterling silver is the softest of the three materials, its malleability makes it ideal for use in intricate designs.

Dimensions. When you purchase a pendant necklace, there are two sets of dimensions that you want to look at: those of the pendant and those of the chain that it hangs from. The measurements of the pendant depend on how big of a statement you want to make – do you want something that is more understated, or do you want more of a bold, oversized look? For chain length, think about approximately where you want the pendant to hit on your neck or chest. In some cases (like with rope chain), you may also want to examine the width of the chain to make sure it’s to your liking.

Pendant designs. Because they are such a hot item right now, men’s pendants can be found in a considerable number of designs. Some of the most sought after men’s pendant designs include dog tags, crosses and skulls. Black pendants or pendants with oxidized accents are also very popular, as are those with steel cable accents. For an infusion of color, some pendants incorporate carbon fiber inlay or an enamel overlay. Finally, some men’s pendants offer a little extra element of luxury with the addition of cubic zirconia or diamonds.

These are just some of the basic items to evaluate when you buy men’s pendants – the rest is up to you and your personal preferences and taste. You should now be ready to start accessorizing!

The Top Five Trends in Men’s Pendants

Men’s accessories are back in a major way, and men’s pendants in particular have never been hotter. Do you like the look of men’s pendants but are uncertain as to how you can add them into your particular wardrobe? With the new variety of styles available on the men’s jewelry market, there is sure to be something for everyone. Here are the top five trends in men’s pendants that are worth a try.

Oversized pendants. Bigger is better this season, and nowhere is this more evident than men’s pendants. While men’s necklaces used to be limited to simple chains and the occasional smaller pendant, the rise of men’s accessories have brought statement pieces to the forefront. Larger pendants can be found in a variety of materials – from popular and budget-friendly stainless steel to precious gold –and can boast a number of intricate and eye-catching designs.

Unexpected accents. Masculine design elements and unexpected jewelry materials are finding their way into men’s pendants. The nautical look is as popular as ever in menswear, and design details like cable or braided accents in men’s pendants lend them a rugged maritime look. Leather insets, particularly in blacks, browns and blues are also being particularly sought after and lend a sense of texture and interest to men’s pendants.

“Natural” gemstones. Raw or “natural” looking stones like geodes, druzies and agate slices are being increasingly seen in men’s pendants. Geodes have been a hot element in women’s jewelry for the past few years, and in men’s pendants they add a welcome degree of the ornate with a hint of geological appeal. These elemental stones can look as though they were just pulled from the earth, and make for a more adventurous look.

Black. When it comes to men’s pendants this season, black is the new black. In general, black is huge in men’s jewelry right now, from fashion items to even men’s wedding rings. No doubt this is due to the fact that black offers an alternative to standard metallic hues like gold and silver, yet is still considered to be a classic and versatile color. Black men’s pendants can be uniformly ebony, or can have decorative blackened (or oxidized) accents, insets of black enamel or leather, or the addition of semi-precious jet-colored stones like onyx.

Dressed up dog tags. Dog tags have long been a popular motif in fashionable men’s pendants, but this season they’re getting a little more formal. Because of their inherently tough look, dog tag pendant necklaces easily allow for precious elements like diamonds without running the risk of appearing feminine. Classic stainless steel dog tags are also seeing more intricate designs on their signature oval shapes, especially with blackened accents or bolder colors like red or orange.

What’s Hot Right Now: New Styles of Jewelry for Men

The runway reports are in, and the verdicts are unanimous: men’s jewelry has never been hotter. While many men are eager to expand their personal collection of accessories, few want to purchase something that will soon be outdated. Fortunately, several prevalent trends are classic enough to have serious staying power. Here are five of the biggest trends in styles of jewelry for men right now that will continue to look good for years to come.

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New Jewelry Styles – Tribal Rings and Pendants

tribal jewelryIf you haven’t shopped for men’s jewelry lately, you might have missed some of the newest styles in tribal jewelry. One might argue that men’s tribal jewelry is nothing new, but it in the past it would only have been worn by bikers and the occasional urban dweller. Today’s tribal jewelry is much more accessible to the mainstream shopper, particularly men with a passion for contemporary art. As primitive as some tribal designs may be, their fluid lines and symbolic calligraphy make them appear very modern.

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New Jewelry Styles – Men’s Bracelets

mens braceletsAsk a man to tell you about the latest new jewelry styles for men, and he is likely to remember one of the latest new luxury watches he’s seen, or a unique designer wedding band, but there is a new player on the scene. Not to steal the limelight from watches and rings, but men’s bracelets are quickly becoming one of the best-selling items at online jewelry stores; primarily because there are so many new styles to choose from.

Unless you’ve been out shopping for men’s jewelry recently, you may not have noticed the latest assortment of men’s bracelets in leather, titanium, tungsten and stainless steel. These bracelets are much different than the thick gold rope chains that men were wearing in the 70s and 80s. Not only are they much less expensive; they’re also edgier and more spirited than a simple chain.

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New Jewelry Styles – Men’s Rings

It seems like men are often the last to latch on to the latest fashion trends, but this is not the case with men’s rings. In this one small part of a man’s wardrobe, one could argue that he is more progressive in his tastes than the average woman. While the ladies still long for gold or platinum engagement rings, men are happy to experiment with alternative metals in the edgiest styles – including black rings, carbon fiber, sparkling CZs and even steel cables.

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